Introducing the Implementation Science News team

Oct 12,2016 | jennifer Behind the scenes

Hello Readers,

I’d like to briefly introduce the Implementation Science News team. There’s myself, the Managing Editor, and then a crew of fabulous Newsletter Coordinators that includes Juliana Saracino and Natasha Vazquez. They’ll be writing a bit more in depth about what they do for the site & our newsletter in future ‘Behind the Scenes’ posts. However, in brief, Juliana is primarily involved with our literature searching & abstracts, while Natasha actively looks for relevant events, opportunities and announcements for us to post on the site and feature in the newsletter.

We also have rotating Associate Editors (AEs) who provide scientific input and review of abstracts, write commentary for our Featured Articles, and lead our discussions about what to include in a particular issue of the newsletter. We’ll be writing a bit more about this role and giving a shout out to our 2017 cast of AEs. Currently, this role is being spearheaded by Dr. Leila Kahwati.

And, a bit more broadly, we’re lucky to have the involvement of the whole Consortium for Implementation Science team. We also receive events, opportunities and announcements by email, so please keep those coming to

Jen Scott