Welcome, and a brief tour of the Implementation Science News

Nov 7,2016 | jennifer Behind the scenes

Welcome to the Implementation Science News!

I’d like to give you a brief tour of the site. Our team is really excited at this opportunity to serve the implementation science community and we hope that we’ve created a useful and easy-to-use resource!

The By Category view organizes our non-abstract posts by category. You can easily find relevant postings by clicking on the category tag in the orange bar at the top of the page or in the Post Categories sidebar. The posts will display in reverse chronological order, with the most recent posts at the top of the listing.

The By Month view organizes our non-abstract posts by year and month. You can easily see what we’ve posted to the site within a particular month by selecting the month from the Archives sidebar. So, for visitors to the site who like to browse by date rather than by category, this is the view for you! Again, the order of display will be reverse chronological, with the most recent posts first.

You can now search abstracts that we’ve posted or featured in the monthly newsletter at our Abstract Search page. You can search by publication year, article type, article focus, topical area, or keyword. You can also browse the abstracts. We’ll be sharing more about our literature search processes in the coming weeks. [Please note: We have not added abstracts that were previously highlighted in the Implementation Network Newsletter. This is a database that we’re building, so as time goes on it’ll become more comprehensive.]

From the Newsletter page you can easily subscribe to our monthly newsletter, as well as view archived newsletters.

And finally, the Implementation Science News homepage has our three latest posts (light gray section), and directly below that are our three most recently posted abstracts.

Welcome to the site- I hope that you enjoy the tour and that you find the site useful! Please send us any feedback, comments or announcements to cis@consortiumforis.org.


Jen Scott
Managing Editor

and the Implementation Science News team