The Community Guide Launches Revamped Website

Dec 5,2016 | Consortium_staff Resource of the Month

The Community Guide website has been revamped!  The new site provides a dynamic, interactive, and individualized experience and includes a search engine with filters to make it easier to identify, select, and implement credible, evidence-based strategies to promote public health.

Two new features of note:

  • Interactive Comparison Tool-with this tool users can compare two Community Preventive Services Task Force reviews by weighing the importance of certain characteristics, such as setting or target audience, and the system rates how well the review fits user needs.
  • MyGuide– a wizard that helps decision makers, students, practitioners, and other public health audiences find credible public health content that is relevant to their individual areas of interests and communities.

Lastly, the new site allows users to set up a user profile to save searches and results, and to bookmark favorite pages. The system can learn user preferences over time and will offer suggestions for evidence reviews, tools, and resources that may be of interest.