Curating Content

Dec 11,2016 | natasha Behind the scenes

To find content for the Consortium for Implementation Science newsletter and associated website, there are a number of different resources I rely on. I typically start by visiting well-known online resources for implementation science; for example, to start my search for funding opportunities, I might visit the AHRQ and NIH websites. I also subscribe to email updates from these sites (when available) and track the Twitter accounts of some implementation science researchers and organizations (e.g., Society for Implementation Science Research Collaboration, PCORI) that post frequently to see if there are any updates not yet featured on the websites.

Another great source of content for our newsletter is you, our subscribers! We often receive emails to our organizational account ( with requests to share announcements. This is a key source of information, especially for fellowships and job opportunities, so we encourage our subscribers to share any relevant announcements.

Once I compile all the recently announced resources; webinars; calls for papers; events and conferences; general announcements; and job, fellowship, funding, and training opportunities, I identify which announcements to feature in the newsletter to provide timely information.

Each month, a different Consortium team member serves as the Associate Editor. The serving Associate Editor for the month provides insight into the relevance of each entry and which content to feature in the newsletter. We collaborate in an iterative fashion to refine the website and newsletter text for each website entry and newsletter content. At the end of this process, I share the final content with the Managing Editor to share through the website and newsletter.

contributed by: Natasha Vazquez