The Role of Associate Editor

Dec 11,2016 | Leila Kahwati Behind the scenes

As Co-director of the Consortium, one of my roles has been to serve as an Associate Editor for Implementation Science News for its first two issues. The Associate Editor reviews and has final editorial decision making over all content featured each month. In addition, the Associate Editor offers a brief commentary on one of the month’s featured resources or citations. We have a number of people who will be serving as Associate Editors for Implementation Science News over the upcoming year. Each of our Associate Editors has a unique background and perspective, which we hope will ensure an inclusive approach to the content you see featured over the course of the year. Part of my effort over these first two issues has been to work with our managing editor and our two newsletter coordinators, Juliana Saracino and Natasha Vazquez, to establish infrastructure and processes to ensure the same level of consistency in content and format across issues edited by different Associate Editors.  I welcome your feedback related to other content or features that you would like to see included. Please reach out to our managing editor at with your suggestions.

contributed by: Leila Kahwati