Community Engagement in Research: Practical Tips for Researchers and Community-Based Organizations

Mar 7,2017 | Consortium_staff Webinars

PCORI in Practice Webinar Series
Date(s): February, 23 2017

As part of the PCORI in Practice webinar series, PCORI-funded research teams shared practical tips and guidance for establishing partnerships between researchers and community-based organizations. Presenters discussed ways that community-based organizations can prepare for engagement in patient-centered research and share lessons learned that will be valuable to researchers for engaging with local organizations.

Learning objectives
At the conclusion of this webinar, participants would be able to:

  • Describe actionable tips for community-based organizations to prepare for and participate in research
  • Describe actionable tips for researchers to identify and prepare to partner with community organizations
  • Explain the value that community organizations can bring to research team

The archived webinar and materials are available on the PCORI website.