ImpleMentAll Project Launched

May 1,2017 | Consortium_staff Announcements

The ImpleMentAll project aims to bridge the gap between development of eHealth interventions and their uptake into routine care through the development, application, and evaluation of tailored implementation strategies in a natural laboratory of ongoing eHealth implementation initiatives in the EU and beyond. ImpleMentAll will use this natural laboratory to develop, test, and evaluate a toolkit for tailored implementation strategies expected to more implementation trajectories more efficient for eHealth and eMental health alike.

The objectives for ImpleMentAll are:

  • To develop a generic Integrated Theory-based Framework for Intervention Tailoring Strategies (the ItFits-toolkit) for data-driven tailored implementation of evidence-based eHealth services.
  • To demonstrate the impact of the ItFits toolkit on the implementation of eHealth for common mental disorders (iCBT) in 9 European countries (2 of which are Low and Middle Income Countries), and Australia.
  • To disseminate the validated toolkit in various healthcare contexts across Europe.

Read more about the project on their website.