Health Affairs blog launches series on “Diffusion of Innovation”

Jun 5,2017 | Consortium_staff Announcements

In May 2017, the Health Affairs blog launched a new blog series on “Diffusion of Innovation.” Health Affairs uses the term “diffusion” to describe implementation and dissemination science, translational science, scale, spread, adoption, and other related fields and labels. The new blog series—which will continue through February 2018 and will culminate in a theme issue of the Health Affairs journal—will encompass all aspects of the journey between development of a health care innovation and widespread adoption of change in the health care delivery system.

Readers are encouraged to read and comment on posts, and submit their own posts sharing experiences, insights, and knowledge about how innovations diffuse across the health care system. All blog posts submitted for this topic are subject to Health Affairs’ standard vetting and selection process.

Read more at the blog’s webpage.