Scientist Knowledge Translation Training Workshop

Jul 6,2017 | Consortium_staff Training Opportunities

Date(s): Jan. 25-26, 2018; Sep. 13-14, 2018
Location: Toronto, Canada

The Scientist Knowledge Translation Training Workshop was developed on the premise that scientists, and increasingly, other practitioners and educators, are agents of change in creating research impact, promoting research utilization and ensuring that research findings reach the appropriate audiences. This course was designed to teach the unique skill set that surrounds KT practice. The course occurs over two consecutive days, and is offered twice per year.

The course is appropriate for scientists (basic, clinical, health services, population health) as well as educators, clinicians and KT professionals (e.g., KT Specialists, KT Managers, Knowledge Brokers). While the focus is on health, the material is highly relevant to individuals working in other sectors. The course is intended for anyone who has an interest in:

  • Sharing research knowledge with audiences beyond the academic community
  • Increasing the impact potential of their research
  • Building practical KT planning skills

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define KT and related terms
  • Describe the relevance of KT in their context and role
  • Identify strategies for sharing evidence with and engaging multiple knowledge user audiences
  • Use KT planning tools and resources to develop a KT plan (e.g., KT Planning Template™, KT Game™)

For more information, visit the Scientist Knowledge Translation Training Workshop website.