Cochrane Australia Symposium 2017

Aug 11,2017 | Consortium_staff Events / Conferences

Registration: Early by Nov. 1
Date(s): November 22-23, 2017
Location: Melbourne, Australia

The theme of 2017’s Symposium is ‘Towards living evidence’. Task automation, machine learning, data linkage and citizen science are just some examples of how the production and dissemination of evidence is being transformed. Whether for systematic reviews or guidelines, we now have tools, systems and structures to help us attain the goal of having continually updated evidence to inform decision-making.

The symposium is aimed broadly at those involved in preparing evidence syntheses (systematic reviews, guidelines, etc.), as well as those interested in the use and communication of evidence to inform policy and practice. The symposium is always an engaging event, designed to bring together the evidence synthesis community in Australia in an informal environment with plenty of opportunity to learn and network.

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