Social Systems Evidence

Dec 15,2017 | Consortium_staff Resource of the Month

An initiative of McMaster Health Forum’s Forum+, Social Systems Evidence aims to provide a comprehensive and consistently updated repository of syntheses of research about the programs, services and products available in a broad range of government sectors and program areas (e.g., community and social services, culture and gender, economic development and growth, education, and transportation) as well as the governance, financial and delivery arrangements within which these programs, services and products are provided, and the implementation strategies that can help to ensure that these programs, services and products get to those who need them.

The types of syntheses in Social Systems Evidence include evidence briefs for policy, overviews of systematic reviews, systematic reviews, systematic reviews in progress (i.e. protocols for systematic reviews), and systematic reviews being planned (i.e. registered titles for systematic reviews). Social Systems Evidence also contains a repository of economic evaluations in these same domains.

The intended audience for this sight are policymakers, stakeholders, and researchers. The site is free to use and does not require users to have an account, though creating an account will allow users to access more features of the site.

The beta version of the site is now available, and users are encouraged to submit feedback or suggestions at