Cochrane Colloquium 2018

Feb 11,2018 | Consortium_staff Events / Conferences

Registration: Early by Jun. 15, 2018; Standard by Aug. 17, 2018
Date(s): September 16-18, 2018
Location: Edinburgh, UK

The Cochrane Colloquium is an annual event, bringing people together from around the world to discuss important global health questions and promote evidence-informed health programs. This year the theme is ‘Cochrane for all – better evidence for better health decisions,’ which recognizes that everything Cochrane does is about, and for, patients and other health consumers. It is a Patients Included event, co-designed, co-produced and co-presented by healthcare consumers, where everyone’s input is valued equally.

The Colloquium will focus on key goals of Cochrane’s Strategy to 2020:

  • Producing evidence
  • Making evidence accessible
  • Advocating for evidence

Event organizers will be accepting abstracts in the following categories:

  • Adverse effects
  • Diagnostic test accuracy review methods
  • Editorial processes and supporting review authors
  • Education and training
  • Global health and equity
  • Health economics
  • Inclusion of non-randomized designs
  • Innovative solutions to challenges of evidence production
  • Investigating bias
  • Knowledge translation and communicating evidence
  • Overviews of reviews and network meta-analyses
  • Patient or healthcare consumer involvement and shared decision-making
  • Priority setting
  • Qualitative evidence synthesis methodology
  • Searching and information retrieval
  • Statistical methods
  • Translation (linguistic translation of Cochrane content)
  • Understanding and using evidence
  • Other

The deadline to submit abstracts is March 2, 2018.

For more information, visit the Cochrane Colloquium website.