How to know if it’s working: Developing an organizational KT evaluation framework

Mar 14,2018 | Consortium_staff Webinars

KT Canada Seminar Series
Date(s): March 8, 2018
Presented by: Penny Cooper, Gayle Scarrow

In this webinar, as part of the KT Canada Seminar Series, Penny Cooper and Gayle Sparrow, presented “How to know if it’s working: Developing an organizational KT evaluation framework”.

The learning objectives for this webinar were:

  • Understand the importance of developing a framework for evaluation of a program of KT initiatives
  • Identify key steps in the process for developing an evaluation framework for programmatic KT
  • Understand common challenges in programmatic KT evaluation and how to address them

Penny Cooper is a professional evaluator with over twenty years’ experience in evaluation and applied research. She is the former Director of Evaluation & Impact Analysis for the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, and currently works as an independent consultant. Penny is deeply engaged in evaluation of KT initiatives through her ongoing relationship with the Michael Smith Foundation and other BC-based clients.

Gayle Scarrow is the Director, Knowledge Translation at the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR). She leads the development, implementation, evaluation and ongoing management of MSFHR’s knowledge translation plan for the purpose of fostering and accelerating the impact of health research in BC and beyond.

All webinars in this series are recorded and archived along with supplemental resources.

For more information and to register, visit the seminar series website.