Save the Date: Summer Institute on Implementation Science – Using the Science and Practice of Implementation for Equitable Outcomes

Jan 19,2019 | Consortium_staff Announcements

Date(s): June 10-12, 2019
Location: Chapel Hill, NC


The second annual Summer Institute seeks to share methods and tools for integrating equity and inclusion in implementation science and practice.

Intended Participants

  • Social workers and public health professionals serving as agency leaders, directors, program managers, and program evaluators
  • Implementation researchers and practitioners


The Institute will support social workers and public health professionals to:

  • Identify strategies for equitable implementation of innovations and evidence-based and evidence-informed practices
  • Use evidence to promote improved and equitable outcomes for people and communities

The Institute will support implementation researchers and practitioners to:

  • Identify research questions that amplify an equity focus
  • Identify changes that are needed to the pedagogy, frameworks, and measures of implementation science to incorporate attention to equity
  • Use methods that increase stakeholder participation in implementation efforts

Details about the agenda, registration, and other logistics are forthcoming.

For more information, visit the event website.