Qualitative Comparative Analysis in Mixed Methods Research and Evaluation

Feb 15,2019 | Consortium_staff Resource of the Month

Mixed methods approaches are commonly used in implementation research. A new volume in the SAGE Mixed Methods Research Series offers implementation researchers and evaluators a user-friendly guide for using Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) as part of a mixed methods approach.

Offering practical, in-depth, and applied guidance for this unique analytic technique, the chapters of this guide skillfully build upon one another to walk researchers through the steps of QCA in logical order. To enhance and further reinforce learning, the authors provide supportive learning objectives, summaries, and exercises, as well as author-created datasets for use in R via the companion site.

Dr. Leila Kahwati, a co-author of this new book and this month’s Implementation Science News Associate Editor, said “My colleague Dr. Heather Kane and I wrote this book based on our real-world experience trying to use QCA as part of several implementation evaluations. We wanted to demystify the method and offer practical advice and many examples.  We hope this book will be useful to both students but also to seasoned researchers looking for a new tool for their toolbox.”

The detailed table of contents for this book is available at the publisher’s website.