Implementation Research: Using Qualitative Research Methods to Improve Policy and Practice

Mar 18,2019 | Consortium_staff Training Opportunities

Date(s): July 22-23
Location: Chapel Hill, NC

As part of the 16th Annual Qualitative Research Summer Intensive, Research Talk Inc. and the UNC Odum Institute for Research in Social Science will host a 2-day course on implementation research taught by Dr. Alison Hamilton.

Implementation research aims to integrate research findings into practice and policy. In order to improve the quality and effectiveness of routine practice, implementation researchers collect qualitative data about the everyday behaviors and beliefs of practitioners and other professionals, stakeholders, and recipients of services. During data collection, special attention is paid to factors that both facilitate and impede effective execution and implementation of programs and service delivery. The end goal is to increase the likelihood of uptake, adoption, implementation, and sustainability of evidence-based practices.

To provide foundational knowledge and skill to help facilitate your own work, the course walks through critical components of building and carrying out an implementation research project:

  • Developing appropriate implementation research questions and specific aims
  • Determining when, why and how to apply conceptual models
  • Strategizing about study design
  • Selecting appropriate, feasible qualitative data collection methods
  • Executing qualitative analytic strategies
  • Generating timely, impactful implementation research products

The application of methodological concepts will be illustrated via examples from implementation research in the context of varied settings such as healthcare organizations, educational institutions, and communities.

Participants will be provided with materials and bibliographies to support the practice of qualitative methods in implementation research. The course will draw on material from the recently released National Cancer Institute white paper on which Dr. Hamilton is an author (available here).

For more information and to register, view the course posting.