Implementation Science at a Glance: A Guide for Cancer Control Practitioners (ISaaG)

May 17,2019 | Consortium_staff Resource of the Month

Created by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), ISaaG provides a brief overview of implementation science theories, measures, and approaches. It is written for practitioners, but NCI hopes that it has broad applicability.  The resource is currently available for download via the NCI Implementation Science website and next month, through NCI’s partnership with the Government Publishing Office, it should be widely available through commercial outlets (Barnes and Nobel, iTunes, Amazon etc.) for free download as well.

NCI created ISaaG in order to increase practitioner awareness and use of implementation science approaches and measures in their cancer control work. The secondary goal is to drive more practitioner-centered and practitioner-driven implementation science research forward. Increasing the involvement of public health practitioners, agencies, and organizations in posing questions and conducting research can help advance the field while simultaneously reducing the research-to-practice gap.  Building a shared capacity and language is an important aspect of this work.

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