The Grants & sponsored Research IniTiative (GRIT)

Jun 24,2019 | Consortium_staff Resource of the Month

Co-sponsored by the U19 Youth Forward project, U19 ESSENCE Hub, and U19 SPIRIT Hub, The Grants & sponsored Research IniTiative (GRIT) is a monthly research group/webinar with aims to:

  • Provide a space for new investigators to receive constructive feedback from peers on grant proposals for NIH and other funders
  • Provide an opportunity for senior investigators to share their grant writing experience with others on specific agencies and funding mechanisms
  • Allow investigators from Low- and Middle-Income Countries linked to the U19 hubs to participate in webinars and present on proposals such as the K43 Emerging Global Leaders award to build capacity

Presenters are a mix of US and LMIC investigators from each U19 hub with both senior and junior investigators presenting and providing feedback. The proposed format will allow 30-40 minutes of presentation and 20-30 minutes for constructive feedback and questions from investigators in the audience.

Participants are able to attend in person or online via Zoom Meeting.

View upcoming webinars.