Opportunity to Participate in Crowd-Sourced Research Project

Jul 29,2019 | Consortium_staff Announcements

A group of researchers at the University of Michigan, Department of Learning Health Sciences is working to catalog a large number of frameworks that have been developed and used in implementation and/or dissemination sciences using the taxonomy developed by Nilsen (2015).

Anne Sales and Emily Dibble with the University of Michigan Medical School invite you to participate in a short survey to categorize frameworks and theories in implementation science. Based on your familiarity with the definitions and the provided framework, the survey is estimated to take 5-15 minutes to complete each time it is completed. There are about 75 frameworks included in this study. Every time you engage in the survey, you will see a different framework – if  you decide to do the survey over the requested five times, you may see the same framework again. If you do, please just close the survey without filling in any additional information and re-click on the link below. You should get a different framework.


You can take the survey as few or as many times as you like, but participants are asked to respond to the survey for at least 5 frameworks. For people who would like to become much more familiar with the frameworks used in implementation and dissemination sciences, please go ahead and do the survey and assess a new framework as many times as you like.

Please feel free to pass this survey on to others engaged in implementation research who you feel might be interested. Please contact Anne Sales (salesann@umich.edu) and Emily Dibble (emdibble@umich.edu) with any questions.