Expanding the Reach of Dissemination and Implementation Research Training

Nov 12,2019 | Consortium_staff Resource of the Month

The National Cancer Institute unveiled an open access version of the Training Institute for Dissemination and Implementation Research in Cancer (TIDIRC) program. The goal is to help close the gap between research and practice by building researchers’ dissemination & implementation capacity. All materials and assignments from the most recent iteration of the course are now available to all who wish to use them.

The hope is that TIDIRC Open Access will provide investigators interested in learning about D&I research access to the core materials necessary to familiarize themselves with fundamental concepts to develop a range of D&I studies. Although a number of examples used within the course are cancer-related, the course is intended to be relevant to all areas of D&I research.

The course includes six modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Dissemination & Implementation Science
  • Module 2: Fidelity & Adaptation of Interventions in Implementation Science
  • Module 3: Implementation Science Models, Theories, & Frameworks
  • Module 4: Implementation Science Measures
  • Module 5: Study Designs in Implementation Science
  • Module 6: Implementation Strategies

Each module includes faculty lectures, key readings and specific assignments relevant to the presented materials. It is expected that TIDIRC Open Access may also be helpful to those who are looking to launch their own D&I research training programs.

Although TIDIRC Open Access does not fully replicate the in-person training programs (which is expected to continue), NCI hopes that researchers will use TIDIRC Open Access to learn more about the field.

For more information, view the modules.