The Society for Implementation Research Collaboration (SIRC) Instrument Review Project (IRP): A Systematic Review and Synthesis of Implementation Science Instruments

Dec 16,2019 | Consortium_staff Resource of the Month

Instrumentation issues have slowed the progression of the field of D&I. SIRC’s Instrument Review Project (IRP) aims to advance implementation science through measure development and evaluation. As a first step, SIRC is conducting an enhanced systematic review and synthesis of D&I instruments. The review centers on the implementation outcomes framework put forth by Proctor and colleagues (2011) and constructs outlined in the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR; Damschroder et al., 2009).

Current state of the repository:

Since the seminal 2014 publication reporting on measures of implementation outcomes, substantial revisions have been made to the evidence-based assessment criteria. First, the rating criteria has a new name: Psychometric And Pragmatic Evidence Scale (PAPERS). Specifically, current criterion anchors were revised to add a (-1) rating to reflect poor performance, three new psychometric properties were integrated into the rating scale, and criteria for assessing pragmatic quality were incorporated.

As available, researchers will now have access to the following psychometric properties:

  • internal consistency,
  • convergent validity,
  • discriminant validity,
  • known-groups validity,
  • predictive validity,
  • concurrent validity,
  • structural validity,
  • responsiveness, and
  • norms

and pragmatic qualities:

  • cost,
  • accessibility of language,
  • assessor burden (training),
  • assessor burden (interpretation), and
  • length of each measure,

included in the repository.

Currently, measure data with the new rating criteria based on SIRC’s recent work is available for the Implementation Outcomes (Proctor and colleagues, 2011).

SIRC is in the process of updating the repository with PAPERS data for the Inner Setting constructs, in addition to adding new data for Intervention Characteristics, Outer Setting, Characteristics of Individuals, and Process constructs (Damschroder et al., 2009).

How can you access the repository?

Paid SIRC members can access a user-friendly repository of the measures and their associated psychometric quality profile.

For more information, visit the SIRC IRP site.