1st Conference of the Swiss Implementation Science Network (IMPACT)

Jul 20,2020 | Consortium_staff Events / Conferences

Date(s): January 21-22, 2021
Location: Basel, Switzerland

The 1st IMPACT conference consists of two parts:

In the late afternoon of January 21, the conference will kick off with a keynote lecture by Prof. Dr. Michel Wensing, chief editor of the journal ‘Implementation Science’ (University of Heidelberg, Germany).

The second day of the conference will consist of an Implementation Science Masterclass with contributions from international implementation science experts, Dr. Cynthia Vinson (National Cancer Institute, USA), Prof. Dr. Leah Zullig (Duke University, USA), Prof. Dr. Byron Powell (Washington University, St. Louis, USA) and Prof. Dr. Michel Wensing. The Masterclass provides a mix of theoretical lectures, practical examples of Swiss implementation science projects and roundtable discussions.

For more information and to register, view the conference website.