Dissemination & Implementation Models Interactive Tool

Mar 20,2021 | Consortium_staff Resource of the Month

This interactive webtool is designed to help researchers and practitioners develop a ‘logic model’ or diagram for their research or practice question. The tool helps researchers select the dissemination and implementation (D&I) model that best fits their research question or practice problem. Researchers can combine multiple D&I models, adapt the D&I models to their study or practice context, use the D&I model throughout the research or practice process, and find existing measures to assess the key constructs of the D&I model selected. The term ‘model’ is used to refer to both theories and frameworks that make the dissemination and implementation of evidence-based interventions more likely.

The Dissemination and Implementation Models in Health Research and Practice webtool was developed and is maintained as a collaborative effort of colleagues from the ACCORDS Dissemination and Implementation Science Program at the University of Colorado, Denver, the Dissemination and Implementation Research Core (DIRC) at the Washington University Institute for Clinical and Translational Science and the Dissemination and Implementation Science Center (DISC) at UC San Diego. View the tool here.