Intersection of Quality Improvement and Implementation Science Workshop, Global Implementation Conference

Mar 22,2021 | Consortium_staff Announcements

This year’s Global Implementation Conference will feature a workshop on using quality improvement (QI) and implementation science together to create and implement the right interventions for a given context. The workshop will be led by Rohit Ramaswamy, PhD (UNC Chapel Hill), Caitlin Williams, PhD Candidate (UNC Chapel Hill), and Sheila Patel, PhD (RTI International). The interactive workshop will highlight a new model for quality improvement and implementation science that enhances one of the most well-known QI approaches, the Model for Improvement (MFI). Participants will first be introduced to the basics of QI. Then, through a case study, they will learn how to use the MFII step-by-step, first to generate data to assess the fit of a complex intervention to local context and then to engage with the implementation questions to identify and tailor appropriate implementation strategies. PDSA cycles will be used throughout to modify the intervention or refine implementation. To learn more, please visit: