Implementation Science at Work Podcast

Jan 19,2022 | Consortium_staff Resource of the Month

The Impact Center at the UNC Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute (FPG) has created an exciting new resource, “Implementation Science at Work.” The podcast, which dropped its initial three episodes in November, explores questions and strategies in implementation science including tackling community health issues, reducing health disparities, and improving community and population outcomes through building capacity.

Available on Spotify, the podcast features interviews with professionals working with systems, organizations, and communities to implement and scale up programs in an equitable and community-conscious way. The 11 guests featured throughout the first three episodes each discuss the critical role of relationships and partnerships, with a focus on: figuring out whom to partner with; discerning how to approach communities; and understanding that community relationships and partnerships are the greatest strengths to implementation work. For more information and to listen, view the podcast on Spotify.