Integrating Mental Health Care into Health Care Systems in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)

Mar 20,2022 | Consortium_staff Funding Opportunities

Posted by: NIH
Post date: February 1, 2022
Due Date: June 22, 2022

This FOA invites implementation research applications to develop, optimize, and test innovative theory-based strategies to integrate mental and physical health care within health care systems in LMICs. This FOA aims to support innovative research for implementing, scaling up, and financially sustaining integrated mental health care models to ultimately increase demand and utilization, quality, access, and availability of mental health care. This FOA is also expected to contribute to the long-term goals of strengthening the sustainable research capacity in LMICs and enhancing the potential for multidirectional knowledge and the exchange of research advancements. NIMH encourages partnerships between institutions in LMICs and high-income-countries.

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