Research Manager, University of Washington

Jul 28,2022 | Consortium_staff Job Opportunities

This position is housed in the University of Washington’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and involves being an integral support to research conducted by faculty in the SMART Center, a research and technical assistance organization co-located in the Department of Psychiatry and the College of Education. The SMART Center Senior Research Manager position will be the staff supervisor and lead research coordinator of the Designing Real-world, Effective Approaches for Multilevel Implementation (DREAMI) program within SMART, led by Dr. Aaron Lyon. DREAMI is a robust federally funded (primarily by the National Institute of Mental Health and the Institute of Education Sciences) research program devoted to the development of usable and effective approaches to improving the accessibility, effectiveness, and equity of social, emotional, and behavioral services delivered in K-12 (primarily public) education settings. The position also serves as a core member of the SMART Center’s overall leadership, working collaboratively with other research and technical assistance teams to advance the center’s mission and values.

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