Implementation Science Research Fellow, The University of Melbourne

Sep 15,2022 | Consortium_staff Fellowships

Implementation research encompasses a full range of ‘complex intervention’ methods, including audits, exploratory studies, intervention development methods, randomised studies, process evaluations, and evaluations of acceptability, fidelity and feasibility.  In the spirit of cross-disciplinary research, the successful applicant will collaborate closely with the Bone Marrow Failure project research team at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and will be a key team member with the Kidney Flagship at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, working together with a PhD student.

Responsibilities include:

  • Develop or build upon an understanding of the key areas of implementation science and health services research.
  • Plan and carry out research on nominated project and provide general co-ordination of sub-projects
  • Attend and contribute actively to team meetings at all levels, including the Bone Marrow Failure research team, Melbourne Genomics clinical change project team, School of Health Sciences teams and the Implementation Research Group. This will involve participation in discussions on related research publications and the presentation of research data for discussion
  • Undertake administrative activities commensurate for a Level B academic

Applications close on September 30.

For more information, visit here.