Implementation Science and Health Services Postdoctoral Fellowship for Clinician Researchers, Veterans Affairs (VA)

Nov 11,2022 | Consortium_staff Fellowships

The Implementation Science Postdoctoral Fellowship is a fellowship for clinician researchers (i.e., those with a clinical degree that also conduct science). This is a 2-year, VA funded fellowship focused on improving mental health care for rural and other minoritized Veterans. The focus can be on suicide prevention, mental health service delivery, health equity, PTSD, or opioid use disorder, and fellows are matched with a primary and secondary mentor (see who is available at the link).  The combination of 75% research and 25% clinical time allows fellows significant protected time to develop their independent research, working with experienced mentors to learn new skills, and continue to improve clinical training and meet licensure requirements. The fellowship offers funding for courses and travel. This fellowship is hosted out of Little Rock, Arkansas.

For more information, interested applicants can contact Kristin Ward at or Michael Cucciare, PhD at