Recording Available for Getting Started with Congressionally Mandated Implementation and Evaluation Projects, US Veterans Affairs (VA) Department

Jul 13,2023 | Consortium_staff Webinars

In this webinar, the presenters provide an overview of how to get started working on congressionally mandated implementation and evaluation projects based on their experiences working on several congressionally mandated projects. Helpful tips and tools covered include how to find legislation, scoping out a project, and lessons learned about the process from negotiation of the project to building evaluation plans, and logic models. The presenters give applied examples from the MISSION Act Peers in PACT and SSG Fox Suicide Prevention Grant Program. They review how a bill becomes a law, how to find it, how to read it, how to think about it and Pro-tips –for Congressionally Mandated Projects, Evaluations, and Reports.

To view the recording, visit here.