An Implementation Scientist’s Toolkit for Getting Started with Health Equity–Focused Implementation Research

Jan 11,2024 | Consortium_staff Resource of the Month

This toolkit provides a comprehensive resource to help implementation scientists get started with health equity–focused implementation research. The toolkit assumes that the user has basic knowledge of foundational concepts and constructs in implementation science and is looking for guidance or suggestions regarding what to know, what to consider, and how to start implementation research projects that integrate a health equity lens.

This toolkit was designed to orient implementation science (IS)-trained investigators to key constructs and concepts in health equity and approaches to integrating health equity into IS research, whether health equity is the primary or secondary focus of an investigation. The toolkit provides links to relevant online resources and provides bibliographies for recommended readings and resources, with empirical examples and applications from the literature. The content in this toolkit is not exhaustive and may be updated over time as new resources and literature emerge.

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