Looking down the road towards impact: How to conceptualize your research through the Translational Science Benefits Model (TSBM) framework, Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute D&I Interest Group

May 10,2024 | Consortium_staff Webinars

Date(s): May 20, 2024, 11am ET

In this talk, Dr. Douglas A. Luke will explore the TSBM framework as a powerful tool for researchers to envision the trajectory of their work from conception to real-world impact. Dr. Luke will delve into the various stages of translational science and how the TSBM framework can guide researchers in conceptualizing their research with an eye towards maximizing its benefits to society. Through case studies and practical examples, Dr. Luke will highlight the importance of considering translational impact early in the research process and will demonstrate the TSBM framework to show how it can help researchers navigate the complexities of translational science.

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