PCORI Call for Proposals (CFP) for Health Systems Implementation Initiative (HSII) Implementation Projects – 2024 (HSII Participants Only)

May 10,2024 | Consortium_staff Funding Opportunities

Posted by: PCORI
Post date: May 7, 2024
Letter of Intent due: June 4, 2024
Applications due: September 4, 2024

The CFP for HSII Implementation Projects will provide an opportunity for HSII Participants to propose projects that promote the uptake of specific evidence from PCORI-funded, patient-centered comparative clinical effectiveness research within their healthcare delivery settings. Each HSII Participant may propose one project in response to this CFP.

Applicants will have the opportunity to propose one of two project types:

  1. HSII Implementation Projects. These projects will have the goal of broadly integrating evidence into care delivery within the health system’s settings.
  2. HSII Pilot Projects. These projects will have the goal of developing and/or refining a proposed implementation approach and then piloting the use of the approach by integrating use of the evidence on a small scale.

For more information, view the posting.