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A Review of Studies on the System-Wide Implementation of Evidence-Based Psychotherapies for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in the Veterans Health Administration

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    C. S. Rosen, M. M. Matthieu, S. Wiltsey Stirman, J. M. Cook, S. Landes, N. C. Bernardy, K. M. Chard, J. Crowley, A. Eftekhari, E. P. Finley, J. L. Hamblen, J. M. Harik, S. M. Kehle-Forbes, L. A. Meis, P. E. Osei-Bonsu, A. L. Rodriguez, K. J. Ruggiero, J. I. Ruzek, B. N. Smith, L. Trent and B. V. Watts
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    Systematic Review
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    Report of Experimental Intervention
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    Mental Health/Substance Abuse