Building the Next Generation of Implementation Science Careers to Advance Health Equity.

Feb 21, 2019 | Boyce

Rapid advancements in translational research have produced innovative clinical discoveries and evidence-based interventions that are ready for uptake in real-world settings, creating vast opportunities and challenges for implementation science. However, there is an inadequate research workforce to study effective strategies and delivery of implementation to advance the field. Novel career development initiatives will build scholars for the next generation of implementation science to bridge research to practice for diverse populations to advance healthequity, specifically with a strategic focus on heart, lung, blood and sleep diseases and conditions. Along with traditional mentoring and curricula, research training includes state-of-the-art approaches using complex methods and multi-disciplinary collaborations between researchers, practice settings, and diverse communities. Implementation science scholars strive not only to decrease the lag time between the discovery of evidence-based interventions and successful implementation but also how to advance health equity and to reduce disparities for underserved populations that suffer disproportionally.

PubMed Abstract

Boyce, C.A., Barfield, W., Curry, J., Shero, S., Green Parker, M., Cox, H., Bustillo, J., Price, L.N. Ethn Dis. 2019; 29(Suppl 1): 77–82. doi: 10.18865/ed.29.S1.77