Involving Stakeholders as Communication Partners in Research Dissemination Efforts

Apr 01, 2022 | Elwy

Moving evidence into practice requires the support of stakeholders, who are critical actors in the research process. Yet, research teams need strategies for determining who these stakeholders are, what their roles should be, and how to involve them in research and dissemination activities. In this Perspective, we discuss steps for identifying, categorizing, and including stakeholders in the research process, as a precursor to involving them as communication partners in research dissemination efforts. Effectively communicating the results of research is critical for increasing stakeholders’ buy-in for the adoption and sustainment of this evidence. However, this communication is best if it comes from the end-users themselves, the stakeholders, who have a specified involvement in the research process. Combining elements from dissemination, implementation, and management science literature, we identify specific tools and strategies for researchers to (1) understand the roles of various stakeholders potentially impacted by their work, and (2) recognize the specific communication activities these stakeholders could be engaged in, to support the dissemination of research findings. We present a 3-Step Plan for identifying, categorizing, and involving stakeholders in the research process in a way that will lead to their role as communication partners when results are ready to be disseminated widely.

PubMed Abstract

Elwy, A. R., Maguire, E. M., Kim, B., & West, G. S. (2022). Involving Stakeholders as Communication Partners in Research Dissemination Efforts. J Gen Intern Med, 37(Suppl 1), 123-127. doi:10.1007/s11606-021-07127-3