Mixed Methods Analysis of Implementation of Interpersonal Psychotherapy

Dec 03, 2019 | Johnson

This article describes a mixed methods evaluation of implementation of interpersonal psychotherapy IPT) in the first fully-powered trial of any treatment for major depressive disorder in an incarcerated population. Assessments in this Hybrid Type I trial included surveys of prison providers and administrators n = 71) measures of feasibility and acceptability to prison patients n = 90) and a planned document review n = 460) to assess potential determinants of implementation. Quantitative and qualitative results indicated that IPT was a good fit for prisoners and that prisoners and providers were enthusiastic about IPT. Providers were open to feedback open to learning evidence-based practices and committed to helping their clients. Limited treatment staff and variable supervision and collegial support may pose implementation challenges. For widespread prison implementation scalable models for ongoing IPT training and supervision are needed.

PubMed Abstract

Johnson J. E. H. M. Zlotnick C. Richie F. Sinclair J. Chuong A. Stirman S. W. 2019). Mixed Methods Analysis of Implementation of Interpersonal Psychotherapy IPT) for Major Depressive Disorder in Prisons in a Hybrid Type I Randomized Trial. Adm Policy Ment Health. doi:10.1007/s10488-019-00996-1