Mixed-Methods Evaluation of the Initial Implementation of Advanced Home Visits in Chile

Jan 06, 2021 | Garcia-Huidobro,

Home visiting programs are evidence-based interventions that have a myriad outcomes for mothers and newborns. Chile offers these services as part of the Chile Crece Contigo, a nationwide program. However, implementing home visiting programs in community settings is difficult. In this study, we report clinic, provider, and participant engagement with the implementation of advanced home visits (ViDAs) in Chilean primary care clinics. ViDAs include a high number of visits, external supervision, and the use of technology. In this study, qualitative and quantitative data were collected to assess the initial implementation of the home visiting strategy. Qualitative data consisted of individual interviews and focus groups with directors of city health departments, clinic managers, and providers conducting home visits. Quantitative data included clinic, provider, and participant recruitment. City health departments were approached to authorize the participation of primary care clinics in the ViDAs program. Then, clinic directors were invited to approve the implementation of the home visiting program at their health centers. In total, 16 clinics, 42 practitioners, and 185 participants were recruited. A large amount of resources was needed to recruit clinics, providers, and participants. The intervention had low acceptability, low adoption, and a high implementation cost. Initial program implementation experienced several challenges. Identified facilitators and barriers both highlighted the need for community engagement at all levels for the successful implementation of an innovation in Chilean primary care clinics. In addition, this article provides recommendations for practitioners and researchers regarding the conduct of research in community-based settings.

PubMed Abstract

Garcia-Huidobro, D., Vergés, A., Basualto, P., Calvo Miranda, C., Boetto, C., Soto, M., . . . Aracena, M. (2021). Mixed-Methods Evaluation of the Initial Implementation of Advanced Home Visits in Chile. Health Promot Pract, 1524839920982674. doi:10.1177/1524839920982674