Scale-Up Study Protocol of the Implementation of a Mobile Health SBIRT Approach for Alcohol Use Reduction in Mozambique

Jun 15, 2021 | Suleman

BACKGROUND: Hazardous drinking imposes a major public health burden worldwide, especially in low-income countries such as Mozambique. Implementation of the Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) approach to address problem drinking is recommended. However, evidence regarding the best strategies to implement SBIRT at scale is needed.

METHODS: Guided by the Reach Effectiveness Adoption Implementation Maintenance model, the authors will conduct a 2-year, cluster-randomized, hybrid type-2 implementation-effectiveness trial in 12 districts in Mozambique evaluating implementation, clinical effectiveness, outcomes, and cost. Eight districts will be randomly assigned to a mobile application-based health SBIRT condition and four to SBIRT-Conventional Training and Supervision. Interventions will be delivered by clinic-based community health workers. The Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research will guide the authors’ mixed-methods assessments throughout the study.

RESULTS: The study arm showing better cost-effectiveness will be scaled up in the other arms’ districts. During this 12-month scale-up phase, Ministry of Health personnel will be charged with providing training, clinical activities, and supervision in all 12 districts without research team support. The SBIRT scale-up phase is critical to identify facilitators and barriers for tracking internal and external factors in clinics that continue using the superior arm and those that switch to it.

NEXT STEPS: In a multistep process with stakeholders from multiple sectors, outcomes and lessons learned from this study will inform the development of an implementation tool kit to guide SBIRT scale-up of community services addressing hazardous drinking in other low- and middle-income countries and low-resource settings in high-income countries.

PubMed Abstract

Suleman, A., Mootz, J. J., Feliciano, P., Nicholson, T., O'Grady, M. A., Wall, M., . . . Wainberg, M. L. (2021). Scale-Up Study Protocol of the Implementation of a Mobile Health SBIRT Approach for Alcohol Use Reduction in Mozambique. Psychiatr Serv, appips202000086. doi:10.1176/