Self-Regulations for Educators Questionnaire (SREQ) for implementation programming

Sep 24, 2020 | Vazou

The adoption and dissemination of evidence-based programs is predicated on multiple factors, including the degree to which key stakeholders are motivated to implement program best practices. The present study focuses on the development of indicators that capture motivations of teachers to adopt school wellness programming since personal motivations are central to achieving sustainable impacts in these settings. The study specifically describes the measurement development and validation of the Self-Regulations for Educators Questionnaire (SREQ), designed to measure educators’ autonomous and controlled motivation for adopting evidence-based programming in their schools. A naturalistic design to study motivation to adopt aspects of NFL PLAY60 programming through the NFL PLAY60 FitnessGram Partnership Project was used. A total of 1,106 teachers completed the SREQ online. Internal validity was assessed through exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, and predictive validity using structural equation modeling (SEM). The results supported the two-factor solution with separate items capturing aspects of autonomous and controlled motivation. Both factors had good internal reliability and the item-total correlation coefficients were above 0.40 for both factors. The results also supported the predictive validity as autonomous motivation positively predicted the level of overall engagement, teaching effectiveness, fitness testing reports sent home, and completion of fitness testing with students (p < .05). Controlled motivation positively predicted whether the teachers conducted fitness testing and the engagement of Play 60 Challenge (p < .05). Findings suggest that the SREQ displays a number of psychometric characteristics that make the instrument useful for examining motivation of providers to implement evidence-based best practices.

PubMed Abstract

Vazou, S., Bai, Y., McLoughlin, G. M., & Welk, G. J. (2020). Self-Regulations for Educators Questionnaire (SREQ) for implementation programming. Transl Behav Med. doi:10.1093/tbm/ibaa092